Running as a Group

Running is often thought of as a solitary sport, but there is something special about running as a group. Group running can enhance a runner’s athletic experience no matter his or her reason for running. 

Group running is a type of running activity organized by a running club. Groups may meet once per week or several times during the week for a variety of running-related workouts. There are different types of running groups organized around one specific goal or the other. 

Runners training for a marathon might meet for weekly long runs to prepare for their event while those training for other long-distance events like a half marathon can run as a group. Also, runners training for sprint distance events can do track training in groups. 

Apart from those running in groups in preparation for one upcoming running event or the other, there are also running groups for people who simply run for the fun of running. These groups might be made up of people who want to stay fit and love some social activities to go with it or run for one charity organization. 

Running as a group can be fun. So, to make it enjoyable for everyone, there is a need to observe some rules. One is since the running is a group activity, then it must truly be done as a group in the real sense of the word. 

Leave the headphones at home and interact with other participants in the workout. Ask questions about upcoming running events or previous running experience. Positive and friendly conversations will help the time fly by, especially on long runs. 

Obey traffic rules at all times. Keep the running to the right side of the road. The group must cross busy roads or junctions together with the traffic. The group must run to allow cars and cyclists to pass. When on a busy road, the group must run against traffic so that the runners can see oncoming cars and trucks. 

No solitary runner. It is a group run and should be kept as such. Do not separate from the group to run ahead or behind the group. Stay with the others to get the full experience of group running. It adds to the overall athletic and social experience. 

Running as a group is one of the fun aspects of belonging to a running club. Stay in touch with this blog for more information.