How to Start a Running Club

Base on locality, purpose, and time, anyone can start a running club. But starting anything is easier than sustaining it. So, here are simple tips on how to start a running club. 

Source For Members 

Polling members to start up a running club might be easier if it is among friends, associates, classmates, and neighbors. Work the running schedule best suited for everyone. Two or three times a week could be alright including weekends. 

It Could Be Discouraging at First 

Starting a running club could be discouraging at first, especially when people do not show up on time or at all. However, not everything that lasts starts smoothly. Be persistent. Be consistent. 

Be Online 

This is the digital age and any venture without an online presence is as good as dead. So, get a website that provides all information about the club, its activities accompanied with pictures. Keep communication consistently across social media platforms to help create a brand. 

Set Realistic Expectations 

Let people know what they are getting themselves into. Always state the aims and objectives of setting up the club. Care should be taken to explain the general types of conditions runners can expect from the club’s approximate pace with all necessary safety tips. 

Incorporate Some Social Activities 

They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is a running club alright, but a little fun won’t hurt. Incorporate some social activities like group breakfast, going for a swim after the run, health talk or seminar, or a light workout with accompanying music before or after the run. A huge party with a DJ would not be a bad idea. 

Build Relationships 

It pays to build long-lasting relationships in the community. The club could give back to worthy causes that impact the community. For instance, covering hospital bills, running to draw awareness to one social issue, or fundraising for a club member in need. 

A running club is a worthy social and health organization. It builds good relationships among members of the same community irrespective of status. Connect with us for more information.