Creative Concepts a Running Club Can Adopt

Running clubs can be a mixture of social and athletic activities. They can come up with creative concepts to attract members and keep people’s relational juices running. Here are some creative concepts a running club can adopt.

Glowing Night Run

A running club can keep its workout routine till after sunset where runners can wear a glow-in-the-dark vests and create a spectacular sight for onlookers and pictorial effect. They can even run holding glow sticks.

Cartoon Character Race

A running club can add a twist to a race by asking members to turn up in their favorite cartoon character’ s costume for a workout. The most innovative and creative wins a prize or some form of recognition.

Run It Wet

Runners can start the race after dousing themselves with a bucket of water and repeat the same at intervals with buckets of water provided at designated stops. Runners have fun bathing themselves with water as they run. It’s fun, wet, and creatively dirty.

Race Online and Raise Funds

Since we live in a digital age, a running club can have a fundraiser where members race online, win some money, and donate to a particular course endorsed by the running club. One of the online casinos that can be used is Duelz Casino. Casinos often support fundraising events or act as sponsors for causes and events.

No Shave Day

Male members of a running club can grow a few days’ beards to support a course like cancer research, action against gun violence, and so on. Female members can be encouraged to run with moustache stickers to add to the fun of the whole occasion.

Obstacle Challenge

A workout or typical race can be made more interesting if obstacles like mud pits, jumps, rope climbing, ladders and so on are added.

There are many more creative concepts that a club can inculcate into its activities. The more creative a club, the more members it can attract.