8 Top Running Clubs in Canada

There are so many running clubs in Canada but in this article, we present to you the top 8 of them in Canada. 

Anti-Social Running Club 

This Strava-based running club collaborates with local running clubs, restaurants, food brands, and other brands to revive running communities through innovative events. 

Vancouver Running Company 

This club organizes weekly road and trail runs, virtual events, and workshops to bring together and grow Vancouver’s running community. 

OTT City Run Club 

This Ottawa-based running club uses running to foster community, inclusivity through weekly runs, creative, and unconventional running events.  

WRG Run Club 

This is a fun and diverse group of runners that meet up every Monday night to climb the infamous Mont-Royal  

North End Runners 

This group of runners believes in promoting inclusiveness and friendship on and off the roads of Halifax gathering each Wednesday night for a casual 6-mile run. 

RunTOBeer Club 

This Toronto craft beer running club meets every week or two with 10K racers starting first, then joined by the 5K racers in the last half who pick up the 3K racers to all end together. The whole group then goes out for a beer party. 

Longboat Roadrunners 

This running club has a membership cost with the recommendation that newcomers should be able to run at least 10K continuously. It is popular with fast runners and the club posts race results for members to compare performance.  

Toronto Running Club 

This running club has a membership cost and runs in the Yonge & Lawrence, Yonge & Eglinton, Yonge & St. Clair corridors, and from the Allen in the west to Laird in the east. The club also hosts a pub night every week after the Wednesday run. 

Running clubs are good sources of a social and healthy lifestyle that improve the human relationship in society, and these are the top 8 in Canada. Contact us for more information.